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The Mindful Leaders Project helps leaders create visionary paradigm shifts within organizations by mastering the healing power of breath, mindset, and energy. Our tiered programming levels help create more resilience and expansion of your body, mind, and spirit. Transformative leadership is the result of your willingness to prioritize well-being and mindful self-awareness for yourself and others.

Mindful Leaders Project supports educators, practitioners, and leaders from the mindset that people don’t need to be “fixed.” Leaders benefit from having a toolkit of energy management strategies to thrive while they provide healing-centered engagement for those they serve.

Here’s how we work with helping professionals and other leaders to increase positive impact through our non-clinical approach to well-being:


With a self-regulated nervous system and a healthy body, it is possible to serve others at our highest level without burning out physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Vagus Nerve Reset

The Vagus Nerve Reset helps leaders self-regulate their nervous system, increase physical resilience, and radiate a sense of grounded well-being.


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Healing House

Healing House helps highly-sensitive leaders leverage the power of group connection, vigorous dance, and a grounding mindfulness meditation to move trapped energy out of their bodies and restore optimal balance.

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Keynotes & More

Dr. Niki designs custom keynote addresses, retreats, and workshops for educators and other helping professionals on the topics of Mindfulness, Self-Care, Social-Emotional Learning, and Healing-Centered Teaching Practices

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Through an understanding of interpersonal neurobiology and positive psychology (how our energy, beliefs, and unconscious biases affect those around us), we can  intentionally create felt safety and connection for those we serve.


Retreats offer participants an opportunity to distance themselves from their everyday life to connect with nature and engage in mindful self-awareness.

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Workshops and professional development opportunities teach the science of secular mindfulness, mindset, healing-centered engagement, and practitioner well-being. 


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Our parent programs create collaborative and engaging spaces where parents are inspired and supported to bring the best of themselves home to their children every day.


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By harnessing the power of energy and  intuition, we can more effectively support those we serve and create innovations that transform organizations and society as a whole.

Intuition Development

Intuition Development seminars help leaders tap into the power of inner knowing. Case studies of famous people who trusted and acted on their intuitive guidance inspire leaders to integrate their intellectual and intuitive mind.

Innerlight Method

Innerlight Method training prepares leaders to consider how the energies of people, pets, and environments interact to impact our well-being, productivity, and relationships.

Innerlight Balancing

Private Innerlight Method energy balancing sessions help highly-sensitive and empathic adults and children live in a more grounded body and mind.

Organizational Professional Development for School Districts, Health Care Organizations, Corporations, and Non-profits

We customize professional development programs to address the specific needs of each organization. With well-honed specialties in the fields of education and neurodiversity, we create and deliver transformational experiences that empower helping professionals to learn and live The 4 Tenets of Embodied Leadership: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Environmental, and Institutional Awareness.  Every concept, and experience developed to share it, is based on emerging research in the fields of educational neurobiology, trauma-informed teaching practices, and polyvagal theory. 

"The Mindfulness Project has given me the strength to navigate the uncharted waters of COVID-19 as a school leader. The breathing, coaching calls, and strategies have been a critical support to keep me on track as an individual and school leader. Thanks so much for offering this incredible resource to help us as site leaders continue to grow and evolve, so we can do the best work possible with our schools, our scholars, our staff, our families, and our community especially during unprecedented times.

~ Lauren Ramos
Emmerton Elementary School

Online and In-person Workshops and Retreats for Individuals and Groups of Helping Professionals (3 - 7 days)

Imagine spending a weekend or an entire week in a breathtaking natural setting with other helping professionals and leaders who are committed to learning and living The 4 Tenets of Embodied Leadership: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Environmental, and Institutional Awareness. Our immersion retreat experiences create powerful mindset shifts that enable practitioners to meet the needs of those they serve while avoiding the career burnout that is so prevalent among helping professionals.

You’ll learn the basics of mindfulness, acquire skills and tools to help others thrive, and most importantly experience the type of safe, playful, and connected environment you will be empowered to create for them when you return.

"The mindfulness retreat was a turning point for me as a first-year special education teacher. It can be extremely easy to get caught up with the responsibilities of the classroom, and we can lose the importance of being present. The retreat really helped me to get that back and be more aware of myself, my surroundings, and my goals. I came back with a restored sense of confidence, agency, and positivity that I firmly believe helped me to become a positive force in my classroom.

~ Matthew Klein
Special Education Teacher

Parent Mindfulness Programs

The two most influential environments for children are their home and school. We work to create lasting change for children by helping parents enhance their ability to self-regulate emotions and behavior, listen for and communicate needs calmly, and expand the sense of felt safety and collaboration in their home.

Our parent programs create collaborative and engaging spaces where parents are inspired and supported to bring the best of themselves home to their children every day.

"Dr. Elliott’s mindfulness work created a shift in my thinking. A shift that starts with awareness of how I breathe, think, respond, and receive. I’ve decided that the tools that have been shared will become a huge part of my life going forward. I’ve even begun to share some of the practices with my children and recognize the benefits. I hope that other parents will have access to Dr. Elliott’s work. Mindful parents create mindful homes that give room for children to grow and thrive into mindful and healthy adults."

~ Devona Robertson
School District Parent Advocate

Healing House

Many people who choose careers as helping professionals also tend to be empathspeople who absorb the energy of others and feel their pain. This phenomenon can lead to career burnout and an overall lack of physical well-being and vitality. 

Through Healing House, we offer an in-person gathering where exceptional helping professionals (teachers, coaches, psychologists, caregivers, social workers, doctors, social justice activists, etc.) can support one another in balancing care of self with service to others. We access the healing power of dance, mindfulness meditation, and intentional community-building exercises to help empathic people release the energy they take on from others and rebalance their own nervous system. People report leaving Healing House feeling lighter, more connected to themselves and others, and experiencing increased energy and enthusiasm for the week ahead.


"The Healing House event was a unique opportunity to connect with new people and deepen existing connections with my colleagues. It was a great way to de-stress and move my body, and allowed me to get back in touch with fun and joy through dancing! I left feeling calm and refreshed, with a sense of peace, energy, and balance that I hadn't felt in almost 10 years. I look forward to future events!"

~ Brianna Cardenas, PhD
Physician Assistant and Athletic Trainer

Book Dr. Niki to ignite transformation in your audience!

Dr. Niki designs custom keynote addresses, retreats, and workshops for educators and other helping professionals on the topics of: 

  • Evidence-Based, Secular Mindfulness Practices
  • Self-Care for Empaths and Highly-Sensitive Professionals
  • Social-Emotional Learning for Educators
  • From Trauma-Informed to Healing-Centered Teaching Practices

With every audience, she approaches these important but often polarizing conversations, and makes them accessible and free from dogma. She speaks to the heart of visionary leaders whose true desire is to live a fully integrated life and spark powerful paradigm shifts within organizations.

Dr. Niki’s style is inspiring and engaging, full of powerful personal stories that are immediately relatable to helping professionals. Her messages offer timely insights designed to spark change in the hearts and minds of diverse audiences. 

Her down-to-earth energy and interactive approach work synergistically to ensure that audiences walk away with practical takeaways and next-day action strategies to help them thrive from the inside-out.

"I didn’t believe in energy balancing therapy before, but I am definitely an advocate now. Since these sessions, my entire family seems much more calm. My daughter and I are less scared of the dark, and my unbearable anxiety has subsided. After his first session, my husband was able to sleep through the night for the first time in literally ten years. The Innerlight Method deeply impacted my highly sensitive family and we are forever grateful!"

~ Katherine Lipponcott

Private Energy Balancing Sessions with Certified Practitioners

The Innerlight Method (TIM) is a non-clinical mindfulness-based wellness modality that is specifically designed to support the needs of empathic and highly sensitive children and adults.

Join us as we inspire mindful leaders to create paradigm shifts within schools and other organizations by mastering the healing power of breath, mindset, and energy.