The Mindful Leaders Project App

We are preparing to launch an app that will put a myriad of mindfulness tools and programs at leaders' fingertips.

There will be an introductory membership available for helping professionals and leaders who are committed to using mindful self-awareness to rebalance their body and mind. Our mission is to help you show up in a grounded, settled, compassionate, and productive manner for those you serve.


With this monthly membership, you will have access to recordings, practices, and live events that support your mastery of the breath and basic mindfulness skills.

  • The Vagus Nerve Reset Meditation
  • Recorded Breathwork Exercises
  • Yoga for Empaths
  • 1 LIVE Q & A Session with Dr. Niki
  • Private Chat Forum to Connect with Other Mindful Leaders
  • 4 Mindful Mondays to Start Your Week with Presence and Intention

Join us as we inspire mindful leaders to create paradigm shifts within schools and other organizations by mastering the healing power of breath, mindset, and energy.