Join us to retreat and rise up from regulation to liberation.

We all long to belong.

Nothing is more sacred in our times than to feel the embrace of true belonging among loved ones and peers.

Belonging rises from knowing who you are deep inside and accepting all of you to show up with authenticity.

Whether your beautiful work in the world brings you face-to-face with children, coworkers, clients, or fellow activists, you are called to create safe spaces where people belong.

A diverse group of women smiling and socializing outdoors

But that’s deep work you likely can’t figure out independetly, from a worksheet, or even at a typical professional development workshop.

What if you could learn how to create spaces of belonging for others by having that safe space among peers held for you?

What if you could truly transform the way you know yourself, relate to others at any moment, and foster environments of safety, love, growth, and belonging?

Our Mindful Leaders Retreats
do just that.

Our retreats offer a transformative experience that empowers you to unlock your inner potential, balance your nervous system, and inspire positive change in the lives of those you serve.

Our retreats are the professional transformational experiences you’ve longed for.

The journey of using mind-body practices for the co-regulation and co-creation of safe spaces is transformative. I’m deeply committed to ensuring these practices democratize health and well-being for youth and communities impacted by foster care and ACEs.
Retreat Participant
A diverse group of individuals lined up practicing yoga on yoga mats indoors

The world we live in perpetuates a cycle of reactivity and push to the point of burnout.

You want change in the world, but you can’t carry the world on your shoulders anymore.

And you’re likely learning a hard truth: You can’t change a broken system with a frazzled nervous system.

We’re here. We can hold you.

Our retreats help you build the capacity needed to make sustainable change happen from the inside out.

At our retreats, you will:

  • learn a different way of living and working to optimize your personal well-being each day
  • discover science-based methods to manage your emotions, balance your nervous system, and attune to other people so you can be a more empowering leader
  • build a community with like-minded leaders who are committed to changing the world using a mindful, heart-centered approach

Imagine tapping into your full potential to feel grounded, open-hearted, and equipped to live your vision for change.


It’s possible. Let’s get started.

The retreat exceeded my expectations and helped me step into a more grounded and confident me. I learned tools to pioneer my personal growth and expansion of self-awareness.
Retreat Participant, St. Anne’s Family Services

Our Mindful Leaders Project Retreat delivers transformational experiences in three tiers:

3 overlapping circles going from smallest in the front to largest in the back, labeled "Self-Awareness" (smallest circle), "Relational Awareness" (middle circle), and "Environmental Awareness" (largest circle)
the intelligence of knowing yourself & settling your nervous system


the intelligence of engaging and co-regulating with other people

Environmental Awareness

the intelligence of how physical spaces can foster safety, love, growth, and belonging

What Makes Our Retreats Work

Our Leader & Our Team
Niki is a sought-after speaker, mindfulness retreat facilitator, curriculum developer, and trainer. Her unique approach to integrating education sciences with mind-body nervous system wellness has supported thousands of administrators, educators, and counselors worldwide.

One breakthrough from Dr. Niki’s trauma-informed approach is this:

Your nervous system is the gateway to educational reform through the cultivation of safe learning communities.

Community is medicine.

Our team is trained to co-design safe spaces and facilitate breakthrough insights and enduring transformations.

  • Intentional Location Selection
    Nature is a grounding, healing force that nourishes us and helps us think, learn, and connect with others. Our sensory perceptions are deeply affected by the visuals, scents, and textures associated with nature. Thus, it is crucial that the spaces in which we do this work support a healthy balance of the four primary elements (fire, earth, water, and air). Retreating into nature (away from daily routines and stressors) allows us to become more mindful or self-aware of our body’s specific needs. This is why we retreat in natural settings away from familiar spaces.
  • Facilitating with the Nervous System in Mind
    Our team understands how to create neurobiologically safe spaces where participants can feel comfortable enough to journey through oftentimes challenging inner work. We purposefully craft an experience where participants have opportunities and tools to return to a settled nervous system state if they become unsettled. When in a settled state, we experience a sense of felt-safety in our relationships and within our environment. As a result, we can meet the demands of the day, connect and communicate with others, participate in learning, heal the body, and engage with life.
  • Integrating Mind-Body Science
    Science is proving the efficacy of ancient mind-body practices. Therefore, breathwork, yoga, and other mindfulness practices have emerged as critical, low-cost tools to enhance our collective and individual well-being as we work to reverse the damaging effects of trauma. Research shows that the primary way of balancing and stimulating the nervous system is to create self-induced states of nervous system balance via breath. Our retreat facilitators are trained in trauma-informed breathwork and mind-body practices.
  • Fostering a Sacred Secular Communal Space
    Participation in group rituals is a neural exercise that tones the nervous system and down-regulates our stress and survival responses. Secular rituals create a structured space for social connection and bonding to occur in relationships that may not have had the chance to bloom organically. When we gather to share communal food, talk, laugh, and journal, we tone the vagus nerve and downregulate the body’s stress response. In a society that prioritizes content over connection, our retreats continually invite participants to lean into intentional social connection as community medicine.
A diverse group of individuals with their arms together above their head while standing next to yoga mats outdoors
My biggest takeaway is that what is good for adults is good for children. Learning and practicing what I have learned is helping me perform better at work and in my personal life.
Retreat Participant

Retreat FAQs

We rise up with:

  • school leadership teams
  • special education professionals
  • educators
  • child-serving health professionals & auxiliary professionals 
  • Sunday school teachers
  • coaches
  • speech therapists
  • music teachers
  • summer camp counselors
  • social workers
  • licensed mental health practitioners
  • case managers
  • social activists
  • empathic leaders
  • movement leaders
  • organizational directors and their teams

In short, people who are willing to rise out of burn out and into genuine connection and belonging founded on inner transformational self-awareness, relational awareness, and environmental awareness.

Let’s rise up from regulation to liberation


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