Vagus, Baby!

Mindful Mist

Brief descriptive of mist.

INSTRUCTIONS: Shake gently before using. Spray on your body and the space around you and others.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Bergamot, Geranium, Clary Sage, Jasmine


Inspiration Apparel

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The Mindful Leaders Project App

The MLP App is home to an entire online community of Mindful Leaders, including organizations, school districts, and individuals seeking to enhance their mindfulness journey. Our monthly membership will support you in using mind-body techniques to balance your physical and mental health. Our goal is to provide a safe community and tools for you to embody that of a grounded, settled, and compassionate child-serving professional.

$30 / month

The Mindful Leaders App shown on a cell phone screen laying on a table with coffee, glasses, and office supplies
Our monthly membership includes access to the following recordings and events to support your mastery of the breath, self-care, and mindfulness skills:
  • Weekly Live Community Breathwork Sessions via Zoom
  • Easy-to-Follow Recorded Breathwork Exercises
  • The Vagus Nerve Reset Meditation
  • 20% Member Discount on All MLP Special Events & Courses
  • & More!

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