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Rise Up

From Regulation
to Liberation

Elevate your capacity to liberate every child’s potential!

The Mindful Leaders Project is a premier training & retreat company that empowers educators, leaders, caregivers, therapists, and activists to tap into self-awareness, settle their nervous system, and foster heart-centered connections that liberate the potential of every child or youth in their care.
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Real change for children begins within each one of us.

The compassionate child-serving professionals we serve ultimately thrive because they recognize one key truth: To see the outcomes we want for children, we must first be brave enough to understand and nourish our own emotional field and nervous system capacity.
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  • What if instead of feeling burned out and
    reactive when challenges arise, you could feel
    grounded and empowered?
  • What if you could attune to children,
    co-workers and colleagues in ways that uplift
    instead of deplete?
  • What if you could create a heart-connected
    environment that ensures a sense of felt-safety for every person in your care and yourself?

Dr. Niki is a sought-after speaker, mindfulness retreat facilitator, curriculum developer, and trainer. Her unique approach to integrating education sciences with mind-body nervous system wellness has supported thousands of administrators, educators, and counselors worldwide.

One breakthrough from Dr. Niki’s trauma-informed approach is this:

Your nervous system is the gateway to
educational reform through the cultivation of safe learning communities.

Community is medicine.
Dr. Niki has revolutionized how my staff engages with students during challenging interactions.

Director of Expanded Learning,
Pasadena Unified School District

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Heart-Centered Connections™

Our Heart-Centered Connections™ Curriculum & Immersive Retreats empower leaders, educators, caregivers, therapists, and social equity advocates to tap into their inner wisdom, settle their nervous system, and liberate the potential of every person in their care.

Settle your nervous system.

Co-regulate with youth and peers.

Liberate their potential.

That’s what we uniquely empower you to do.
If you’re a burned-out educator, child-serving professional, or caregiver

Rise Up

Learn how our immersive retreat programs lead to transformation.
This work has changed my life on so many levels. I feel like I am a better teacher, spouse, mother, friend, colleague, and overall better human now that I learned about this work.
2nd Grade Teacher, Berryessa Union School District

Our Founder, Dr. Niki Elliott

Niki Elliott, PhD is a clinical professor of education at the University of San Diego, founder of the Mindful Leaders Project, and creator/facilitator of the Embodied Equity for Educators and Helping Professionals Certificate Course for the Polyvagal Institute.

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